1. I am attending Elite Physiotherapy & Pilates clinic for physiotherapy assessment, evaluation and treatment. This will consist of history taking, movement analysis, various tests and measurements;
  2. Treatment recommendations may include but are limited to advise, manual therapy, acupuncture , dry needling, electrotherapy, education, exercise , Pilates and/or onward referral if necessary;
  3. The exercises may include stretches, general movements, strength and conditioning work in the premises/gym, and self-treatment at home;
  4. The Physiotherapist will explain the most recent research and clinical reasoning behind each of the treatment interventions , inform me of any potential risks, and options I have for alternatives;
  5. I can ask my physiotherapist questions at any time;
  6. I can stop my assessment, treatment or class at any time;
  7. I have read, understood, and had the opportunity to discuss the Patient Informed Consent document with my physiotherapist.


Personal information that Elite Physiotherapy & Pilates clinic collect, retain, use and disclose may include without limitation, your age, contact information, occupational information, personal health information, medical history and other information deemed necessary to fulfil the following purposes:

  1. To provide assessment and treatment services.
  2. To provide/obtain from doctors other medical professionals, third party payers, and legal counsel with/from progress reports, assessment findings, diagnostic tests/medical investigations, resulting from the services provided to you or in order to optimize the treatment to be provided to you.
  3. To contact you about appointment reminders and follow up calls.