Pregnancy & Pelvic Girdle Pain

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Pregnancy related back pain is very common.

More than two-thirds of pregnant women experience lower back pain (LBP) and almost one-fifth experience pelvic girdle pain. This pain can interfere with work, sleep and overall well being.
Lumbar spine pain is felt in the lower back region and can sometimes refer pain into the buttock and down the leg.
Pregnancy related lower back pain can be aggravated by a variety of activities, such as sitting, standing, walking or bending. Pelvic girdle pain (PGP), may be felt at the back and/or the front of the pelvis and is often made worse by rolling in bed, climbing stairs and standing on one leg and walking.

We treat injury due to:

  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • Pregnancy-induced lower back pain
  • Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction
  • Post-natal trauma
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Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD) is a condition associated with pregnancy and childbirth, where the ligaments that keep your pelvic bone aligned become too relaxed due to an excess of hormones. This can make the pelvic joint unstable and often painful in the pelvic area, including pelvic pain radiating to the upper thighs and perineum.
This can occur in men and women due to pelvic trauma.

It is thought that lower back pain in pregnancy is related to altered posture with the increased lumbar lordosis (exaggerated curvature of the lower spine) necessary to balance the increasing weight of the growing baby, and inadequate muscle control of the core and muscles supporting the pelvis.

There are many factors contributing to pelvic girdle pain. If this is something you are suffering from, make an appointment today, you will not regret it.

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Highly recommend Emma @ Elite Physio. First time I went was to resolve back issues & second time was for an agonizing rotator cuff injury. Both times, the treatment and home exercises were brilliant and would not go anywhere else for physiotherapy. I feel better and stronger now than ever - thank you Emma

Emma is not only clinically skilled she has that added advantage of being a great teacher which makes her online consultations really worthwhile.

I had a back injury a few weeks ago where I could barely walk. Leaning forward was a dream. I went to this clinic a day later and was treated. Went through a total of 4 sessions through a period of 3 weeks and you could see improvements after each one. As part of recovery I was given exercises to do at home as well. Although I went there to just get back to normal I actually ended up being more flexible than before and figured how important it is to do the right stretches and exercises to keep healthy long term and avoid getting injured.

I first attended Emma for a long-standing hip issue. I had very limited movement in my hip, and pain with it. Emma did a very thorough assessment of my hip,and took a detailed case history. She listened to everything I said. We started some gentle exercises, which lead to improvement every week, and then started to build flexibility and strength. After a few months, I now have no pain and significantly more movement. She is a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Emma as a Physiotherapist.

I would 100% recommend the clinic to any of my friends and family. Emma really knows her stuff, has a lovely down to earth and approachable manner which instantly puts you in a zen mode. She is really encouraging, and her treatment really helped me. As well she gave me some exercise to do at home, so the pain doesn’t come back and that really helped. Massive thank you to Emma because my back has not felt this good in a long time.

Eileen is an excellent Pilates instructor, the pregnancy and post-natal Pilates class not only helped with all my aches and pain during my pregnancy but also aided my post-partum

Really enjoyed the physio led pregnancy Pilates and I met lots of new mums who I have developed great friendships with so good to have these classes in our community.

Loved, loved the physio led pregnancy classes, the breathing work really helped with my labor; Eileen is an excellent teacher.

Went for a small issue with my calf, got great treatment and advice. Roisin was the physio that my appointment was with. I got what I wanted from the session in terms of diagnosis, return to play timeframe, along with exercises for rehab. I was really happy with the treatment.

Thumbs up to Emma and Sally in Elite Physio in Rathbourne. Emma fitted me in for a session at short notice, sally saw me and knew what the problem was in minutes. It’s great to have such a facility within walking distance.

I just finished with David today, he has been superb in getting to the root of my injury. I’m back running now after 6 months off and two different physios. His sports and rehab background is 10/10 from me. Plus, David is a very approachable over all nice guy.


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